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We Are Here To Help

The purpose of the New Jersey Judges Assistance Program is to provide assistance to members of the judiciary with personal, emotional, behavioral, substance, gambling and other personal problems that affect well-being and professional performance.

Judges Assistance provides free, confidential, professional assistance with these and other issues to you or a judge you know.

The Program is funded by judges and all members of the Bar. 

Services for judges include help for a broad range of problems and personal issues such as:  


    •     Depression
    •     Stress and Burnout
    •     Alcohol and Drug Abuse
    •     Marital and Family Relationships
    •     Gambling
    •     Career Concerns
    •     Eating Disorders
    •     Balancing Work and Family

A solid blue map of NJ overwritten with Judges Assistance Program, and the mission statement: NJLAP is the free and confidential resource assisting all NJ Lawyers, Judges, Law Students and Law Graduates achieve and maintain personal and professional well-being.

Maintaining the utmost confidentiality

Because of the sensitive nature of personal problems, a judge in need may be reluctant to seek help. To foster early and confidential self-help and to encourage program participation, the New Jersey Supreme Court, in approval of the program, assured utmost confidentiality by adoption of Rule 1:28B-3.

Judges are not unique

Millions of Americans suffer from depression, anxiety and other health problems. Millions more struggle with alcohol and other drug dependency. Among them are judges who find their careers and family lives jeopardized as these personal difficulties intensify. People in all walks of life tend to deny their symptoms. This is especially so for judges because we are decision makers and order-givers. Attempts to find solutions or toughing it out alone are usually in vain. By failing to reach out for help, a judge may jeopardize so much that is meaningful in life.

Help starts with one phone call

The New Jersey Judges’ Assistance Program shares the experience of The New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program, which, for almost 20 years, has been helping New Jersey judges, lawyers, law students and law graduates – confidentially and free of charge. We are in a firsthand position to confirm what research studies show: addiction is highly treatable. Similarly, depression, anxiety, marital and family problems, career issues and other personal difficulties can be successfully managed and overcome.

We can help, but only if you contact us

When you know a member of the bench who may be having trouble, call for a private consultation. Judges’ Assistance is always confidential, so you need never be concerned that by contacting us, your call has the potential to do harm. In fact, your call may be career, or even life saving. Whether the judge you are concerned about seeks help or not, you are assured that Judges’ Assistance will help you better understand the problem. We will provide an assessment of the situation and assist you, your colleague, friend or loved one in getting whatever help may be needed.

Please don’t delay in calling while you are trying to decide whether things are bad enough.  Everything is confidential.  You are not alone.  If you, a friend or a colleague is in trouble, seeking help will make a positive difference.  Once you make the call, you have taken the first step. We will help you take it from there.